• Is It Love?

    Is It Love?

    This is a picture of my little guy, Liam.  My boy, who is a brave soul and craves adventure in the wilderness.  In making friends at school he never differentiates between skin color, class, or lineage.  All he really wants to know is, "Will you be my friend, today?"  He makes friends faster than any child I've ever seen and loves everyone before he even knows them.  Perhaps he idealizes the world, but that childlike view is a priceless reminder of what the human race was meant for.  Love.  Unity.  A desire to lift, never to drag down.  An understanding that character is the only testimony as to what sort of human being you are and friendship has more worth than gold.  

    In my past, when I've written songs, I've wanted to talk about an aspiration to these ideals.  I long for the days where music unites people outside of "clubbing" and, for lack of a better phrase, sexual experience.  When Chopin is playing in the background my mind literally, "wakes up" and I feel fresh ideas flood me.  Subjective as that experience is, I get the sense that others feel the same in the wake of such precious, melodious sound.  Music that awakens and inspires can remind us of the human ideal.  Real love, strength of character, sacrificial acts, beauty in the simple, these all lie just under the surface of so many songs.  And, while the Travis Meadows (one of my favorite modern songwriters) of the world do exist and work and succeed, I sense a lack of desire to vigorously promote songs that carry the ideal of the human race, or even the ideal of music.  

    No, this is not another diatribe about the horrid state of the music community.  It is just a reminder of what music can do when the restrictions are removed and an intention of love is released.  I've started to ask myself this question daily.  "Is it love?"  When I have to make a hard choice, "Is it love?"  When I hear a politician speak, "Is it love?"  When I hear a song.  When such a powerful art form has been degraded to just a few perfunctory experiences without asking any hard questions, or telling stories that inspire to something above.  Music, from dark, to light, to pop, to country, to jazz, when it's love, you know it.  What am I listening to?  "Is it love?"

  • Welcome to the Beginning

    Taking an entire year to finish an album that we didn't even expect to have.  Yeah, this has been one insane journey. But we absolutely cannot wait to get this music to our fans and hopefully spread it to new ears.  We are calling this thing folk/rock/country, but it's becoming just us the more we go along.  After releasing "Do You Love Me", we figured releasing another of our lighter side wouldn't be a bad thing.  So here we go with Proof of Life.

    This is the first song Dave and Rachel wrote together and it sounds just like the beginning of the project.  Self-discovery full of expectation and hope.  Some sort of journey began with this song and around every corner we are discovering something new as we go.  What a perfect way to start.

    We want you to know we work hard on our music and that we love sharing it.  If you love sharing it too, send "Do You Love Me" to a friend and help us expand so that we can continue this amazing journey we are working so hard to build.  Very soon we will release Proof of Life and this video.  Hopefully alongside a Christmas tune and a pack of covers by Fleetwood Mac.  Just in time for Christmas!

    We appreciate you more than you know.  To our incredible support system and friends, we love you.