It's for the kids, but it's really for us...

    So everything is political now.  Even Lady Gaga can't perform without being berated for her lack of or too political television performance.  And in the meantime, character, personal improvement, development of morals, ideals, the betterment of our fellow man?  Well, if it doesn't have a D or R next to it, forget about it?  We don't think that's anyway to be artistic nor is it any way to be honest as human beings.

    I heard a great quote today.  It's not about being true to yourself, but about being true to your VALUES.  We value the tough stuff that is overcome, the heart to heart with our easily distractible hearts.  We are convinced that grit, determination, honest values and love, above all else love, will make the world a better place.  And we want to pass that on to our kids.  But maybe we also need a little of it for us as well!  In that spirit, what a great blessing it is to be releasing Wild Blue.  We hope it inspires you and if it does, share it, discuss it, and spread it's message.

  • How To Make the Biggest Impact This Year...

    How To Make the Biggest Impact This Year...

    We all want to do something big...

    It is in our nature to desire to put a stamp, make a splash, engage thousands, impact millions.  Everybody seems to be striving for this kind of "big think" lifestyle.  It's a beautiful thing.  But it isn't the only thing.  We realize more and more that it is the small things in life that change everything.  It is the small kindnesses of others, the little notes, the coffee you buy for the car behind you at Starbucks, the one on one conversations that are truly memorable and life saving for us.  We want to incorporate more of the stuff of life.  The acts that change everything.  An article here, a viral Youtube clip there can do amazing things, but to really change lives, you have to get in the consistent, nitty gritty, realness of the individual.  

    No, we can't become best friends with everyone, nor can we be the shoulder for everyone to cry on, but this year we are committing to putting on shows, having discussions and living personally in a way that encourages real communication, engagement, even disagreement in a way that lifts, inspires, engages and challenges the best and deepest parts of each of us as individuals.  We want our fans and those who will attend our shows to participate in that light and spread it.  One act, one email, one note, one kindness at a time, we can change the world.  It's the small things.  

  • Now More Than Ever, Bless This Earth...

    We live in a very real world, as unreal as it seems sometimes.  We don't often have songs where a prayer occurs, we don't often get to sing songs asking for blessings.  But we know we need them.  The earth needs them.  Our souls need them.  We are so grateful that the amazing, Cody Qualls, (Face Vocal Band, Cody Qualls etc.) joined us to sing a song about blessing the world, the earth, all around us.  What a blessing it is to be sharing this...



  • Live Cover of Adele's Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Dearling

    Can't help ourselves.  This week, as we finally took some band photos and prepared to release our collaboration with Cody Qualls, we had to try our hand at this tune by Adele.  Love her, love this.  This was our second time through the song, so you have to give us a little break, but we hope you enjoy it!  

  • Yet Another Reason to Love U2...

    Yet Another Reason to Love U2...

    A few of us got to open for Mike Peters of the group, The Alarm, last week.  We not only had an amazing time, but we listened intently to story after glorious story of this man's journey.  One of the stories he told was of the generosity of U2.  While on tour U2 would often go into radio interviews and promote The Alarm, asking the interviewer to play one of The Alarm's songs and talking about this particular music movement that was happening.  

    Jaw-dropping stuff.  Honestly, I've never heard of such a thing in my time in music.  I don't find it easy to get others to actually listen to records and assist in promoting and sharing them.  In fact, I've spent uber amounts of money and time trying to recover losses from artists who have stolen songs, or promoted them as their own.  I've sat in managerial offices with guys who couldn't look up from their phones long enough to complete a sentence, and I'm fairly certain those folks barely know what I look like, let alone what I create.  Or the inevitable opposite situation.  So obsessed with looks and age that the music is an afterthought.  Promotion is king, if you can get it.  We have a little band inside joke that, for every 100 emails you send out a whopping .5% might return your email within a year or so.  I bet that percentage isn't actually far off.  But that meme is coming friends, be on the lookout!  

    Selfie-laden, fear-driven, promotion-obsessed.  I wonder at how far behind these trends we are as a band in posting, promoting, marketing, pushing, pushing, pushing.  I know, it has to be done, but I think it would be so much easier to do it for someone else.  

    And that revelation is changing me inside and out.  I meet a few folks here who are as happy to embrace other's musical genius as they are their own.  And I love it.  This beautiful oasis.  This water in a desert. This kind of support laden with all sorts of drive to become better is dwindling so quickly that stumbling upon it creates a lightning bolt memory of that individual in my mind.  I want to be that individual for others.  Truly, there is room for everyone, even if the gatekeepers only want to press artists out of the same mold.  If we all could inspire each other to better, love each other to more, maybe we could have a few niches of our own. Start a movement like U2 and The Alarm and so many others did.  But they didn't do it alone.  And that is my point.  

    Collaboration.  True collaboration is a mindset.  It is generous but recognizes there is nothing but freedom on the other side of that generosity.  Honestly, after years in the business it is easy to feel jaded.  But today, I feel renewed (let's pray that lasts!). And if I can promote the best in others, maybe the business won't matter.  The lack of money for artists, writers, the whole thing.  Maybe we do it for fun again, and for the love of what we experience on the other side of inspiration.  

    So here is one of the many collaborations we hope to promote with gusto this year.  Cody Qualls is one of the best live performers and singers we have experienced, so having him sing on one of our songs with us was an incredible honor.  This guy is seriously going places with his own projects and his band, FACE.  So many harmonies on this song that it gives me chills when I listen to it now.  Listen to Cody's music, go see him play a show, and buy his records.  This guy is talented, driven, honest and inspiring.  Just the sort of person we need to lift here.  Our collaboration with Cody will be coming out over the next few weeks and we know you are going to find something great in it.  

    Yes!  Working with Cody and watching him perform has raised my bar.  So grateful for other artists and what they bring to my artist soul.  It's a lonely business, but it doesn't have to be.  

  • Prince, Jake Owen and the Impact of a Song

    Dave and Noah got to play Purple Rain with Jake Owen.  They just happened to be backing him when the news of Prince's death sent shockwaves across the globe.  The moment, the song, and the genuine emotion behind it threw the video into viral territory, while tv shows and radio disc jockeys shared the video and moment, and took a breath to honor a legendary musician.

    It was Dave and Noah backing Jake.  I'm not surprised (Rachel writing this).  Dave has been present for some of the world's most healing tunes, including backing Justin Timberlake as he sang Hallelujah for the internationally telecasted Hope For Haiti fundraiser.  His ambient music has charted multiple times and has brought people to tears, to healing, to peace.  Noah has played with more acts than I can count and has the sort of presence that makes music fun and brings it to life with no stress, no fear, and no reserve.

    Thinking about these personalities and their impact in my musical life and the lives of others, I'm so proud and so glad to have these guys around.  They remind me what music is about.  I've talked about how it's hard for me to feel anything when I listen to the radio anymore.  But when I play with these guys and when I listen to them play, I feel eveything they are doing and everything they intend to do.  It's special.  It's music.  I wouldn't still be in this if these two weren't by my side.  

    I'm so grateful that after some time and space I can brag about this moment and these two band members, family members and friends.  This includes our drummer, Joel.  You three are incredible! Thank you for what you do for music and for those who get to hear you play.  I can't wait for our record and for our next moment of giving through musical performance.  Denver Day of Rock is tomorrow!  And once again, you are using your talents to make the world a better place.  

    Come watch these guys play with Dearling.  If not with Dearling, follow them and go see them play with somebody!  You won't regret it.  ~ Love, Rachel

    NEXT DEARLING SHOW - May 28th, Denver Day of Rock.  2:30pm, Skyline 2 stage.

  • Connect

    The other night I played a solo show.  I hadn't done a solo show in a long time, and so I decided to venture far beyond just "solo".  I literally had a practice run of unfinished songs with an audience staring directly at me.  

    Call me unprepared, lazy or even unprofessional, but I actually did do this on purpose.  The show was to raise money for suicide prevention and, given that I had just heard of a suicide close to the family, I decided it was a good show to practice getting outside of the box.  I thought about what suicide really is and what it takes to get there.  Is it loneliness, lack of worth, despair?  All of the above and a slew of other challenges?  Maybe, but whatever it is, I think more real connectedness is a good place to start to help and heal, for those who are strugglig.  I thought I should play a show that forced me to be vulnerable.  Unpolished, and totally ok with just talking to the crowd like we were sitting in my living room and I wanted to share some tunes.  Hoping someday my good friends could learn them and we could sing them together.  I'm glad I did it this way.  I want to do this all the time.  How?

    I don't know.  But I want to connect more.  Not through social media, necessarily.  In fact the more I research this social media connectivity, the more I realize it is too impaired, too fanciful, too impersonal and too removed from physical proximity to actually achieve what it promises for the majority of the time we are using it.  Yes, we can encourge each other, message each other blessings, etc.  But is that what we spend most of our time doing while scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat?  

    Serioiusly, read this and then logout.  I mean it.  Call a friend, make a coffee date with someone you havent seen in a while.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen.  Take some muffins to your neighbors.  

    Or go play with your band, like the very off the cuff video posted here.  This is just a generally random moment during band practice, but this is what we do.  We get together and play songs we write and songs we just like.  We talk, we create, we engage.  We fail to make up words when we've forgotten Dolly Parton's perfect lyrics.  And it's good and real and sometimes exactly what we need.

    Engage.  Connect.  This is the perfect weekend to do something out of your box!

  • The Random Song that Hits You...

    I remember the first time I heard this song by Alpha Rev.  It stopped me.  That doesn't happen very often to me anymore.  I listen to, practice, and play music everyday.  I hear SO many songs.  And so many are quite good, but lack that heart tingle, that wave of atmosphere that I used to experience in the 90's.  But every great once in a while, I it happens.  And, well, it's like love.  The whole room changes and you are swept into it.  

    This weekend, I just thought I'd share a little gem like this one.  I hope our music will do that for somebody somewhere.  Because that is one of music's greatest gifts.  A lifting, pulsing moment when hope and joy and thought intermingle to create an atmosphere where the listener can settle in and imagine and dream and be inspired.  Music does this so so well when it is done right.  OH, to have every song I hear make me feel something!  

    Happy Friday!


    Rachie and Dearling