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  • Life and Death of the Musical Soul

    Life and Death of the Musical Soul

    Music has saved me a million times over, but sometimes it feels like the music business is killing me.  I could write a diatribe describing the roller coaster ride that being in music has taken me on.  Down to hell, up to heaven, and terrifyingly concerned during the in-betweens.  Awash in an industry reeking of moral hypocrisy, fareweather friendships, reality tv attention spans, and the almighty dollar trumping the priceless art form that we call music, I have felt a thousand small deaths.  I have heard I'm too old, too pretty, too ugly, too edgy, too unique, not unique enough, too country, too pop, too much.  I've been at conferences and had people who didn't know me tell me I don't know myself as an artist.  I've laughed at the number of rejections and the number of unreturned emails.  I've cried for the self-destructive band members, the friends who were just using me, the lost dreams that still wander through my mind while I'm innocently sleeping.  

    I think people think that doing this for a living is easy and fun and a party and a good time.  I'm going o tell you.  It is work.  Beautiful and demanding and absolutely amazing and absolutely harsh.  But any entrepreneur will tell you, it is one of the most challenging self-discoveries to start a business and really try to succeed.  Doing this through music could be called therapy.  At the same time the word torture comes to mind.  Nevertheless, in my life, music is and has always been about love.  Something seems to be more true when it is put to song.  And I keep coming back to it.  And it has never left me.  At my most broken, my least successful, my heaviest moments, there is my G-d, my prayers and my piano.  I have leaned heavily into the arms of music and have found refuge where G-d reminds me that music, first and foremost, is spiritual, is for healing, is a bridge to connect what cannot be said but what can be understood.  

    On days where I don't see the path, I will come to this post and try to remember not to complain.  Music has given me life and love where only death existed.  Even right down to being the path to my husband and my daughter.  I see my son heal through music.  I watch kids at Children's Hospital laugh and sing when we play.  I work with charities and good hearted people who tell us to keep going, that we made a difference.  The business is.  I cannot change it.  Some days it's good, many days it is crushing.  What can I do.  I'm left with the reasons I came to music and found truth and beauty and a well of good intention.  I can only hold music close and try not to let it go as I go around for one more turn on the roller coaster ride that is the music industry.    

  • The Random Song that Hits You...

    I remember the first time I heard this song by Alpha Rev.  It stopped me.  That doesn't happen very often to me anymore.  I listen to, practice, and play music everyday.  I hear SO many songs.  And so many are quite good, but lack that heart tingle, that wave of atmosphere that I used to experience in the 90's.  But every great once in a while, I it happens.  And, well, it's like love.  The whole room changes and you are swept into it.  

    This weekend, I just thought I'd share a little gem like this one.  I hope our music will do that for somebody somewhere.  Because that is one of music's greatest gifts.  A lifting, pulsing moment when hope and joy and thought intermingle to create an atmosphere where the listener can settle in and imagine and dream and be inspired.  Music does this so so well when it is done right.  OH, to have every song I hear make me feel something!  

    Happy Friday!


    Rachie and Dearling

  • Constructive or Destructive: Politics in America

    A few months ago we posted our song, Proof of Life.  We are working so hard on organizing the rest of our music for our upcoming album, that we kind of let this song pass with a little push here and post there.   But truly not enough discussion and nothing of consequence.  

    I had to come back to it.  In the last weeks I'm sure most Americans have heard a litany of opinions on everything from Beyonce's Super Bowl half time performance to the insanity of debating with Donald Trump.  The most recent in a flurry of arguing and vile rhetoric, the apparent joy of many liberals over the death of one of our Supreme Court Justices, Antonin Scalia.  Such discussion makes me wonder about the "Compassionate Liberal" and the "Pro-Life Republican".  Neither side exhibiting in reality what they so carefully phrase in their speeches and talking points.  

    While this sort of two-faced behavior has pervaded most politics in one form or another, the recent years have made all but the most even-tempered American citizen a sudden and emotional critic.  Everyone is involved in the fray.  Everyone is ready for the fight.  

    Are these screeching dialogues proof of life?  These social media rants and twitter flurries that leave both parties lacking trust in the moral and intellectual competence of the other?  If two opposing sides leave with only insults instead of results, name calling instead of solutions, problem finding instead of problem solving, then no, this is not proof of life.  This is death and destruction.  Have we destroyed our ability to debate and then debrief with a beer and a laugh at a local pub?

    Recent discussions in Dearling have left me to believe that we Americans are actually made for wild and challenging debates of ideas, while keeping our friendship and respect in tact.  No, on average, I don't believe we want to live in hatred of our fellow man based on his ideas about the world.  While many are incapable of allowing an opposing viewpoint without calling it a nasty name and dismissing it as either, "evil" or "stupid", I have seen great moments of understanding and respect for people with oppositional views.  It can be done.  

    This great challenge we each face, of realizing our own beliefs on a deeper level and learning other's beliefs in order to sharpen and refine our own, is still present.  It is still needed.  But we must take it up.  In this, we can create something better and bigger together.  Life can come from such discussions, and character tests.  This song, Proof of Life, is about a relationship where you look into it and see proof of life.  Building up, not tearing down, refining and restoring, not abandoning.   Fearless caretaking with no ego or agenda.  Truth and sacrifice and love and learning.  This is not just for the relationship with family, but it is for the relationship with the rest of your neighbors and country and world.  

    The time has come where we as a community have to actually face the underbelly.  We have to look in and see what is there.  That "something" is an ever changing environment and if we looked now, I fear we would see destruction and choas.  As we move forward in 2016, I'm going to believe that we can make that environment a life giving one.  That at the end of this year we can look in and find proof of life.