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  • The Better Half

    The Better Half

    Nothing like being in a business that's all about that "bass" when you're trying to raise a family and love on your spouse. The "cute" factor can only take you so far and at some point you realize that the touring, and running kids to school on your way to a tracking session, and writing in the wee hours of the morning, producing on the fly in 30 minute chunks, doing homework and school projects and playdates and ballet recitals, and, well... that's life. 

    We are a band of people who have other people; people who mean the world to us. Our spouses and kids make our lives beautiful, despite the crazy schedules and judgment from those who "know better" in the business, we feel blessed beyond belief. 

    You know when somebody is trying to flirt with you at a bar or at work and you just think, "they have no idea what they are doing." You think about your significant other or your kids and you know nothing else compares. This video and song is all about that. Whether in the music biz or not we can all relate to having someone in our lives that helps us shine a little brighter. That someon that is worth all the effort. That's what Better Half is dedicated to. 

    So we are gonna sing to each other in a field and show you some of Colorado, some of our family and some of our hearts. We can't wait to share it! See you on the other side!


    Photo by Tom Tallant