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  • The Time We Played Red Rocks and Fleetwood Mac

    What a joyo this summer to play Red Rocks for the first time.  We are still so grateful to FACE Vocal Band for the opportunity, and what a show it was!  The Chain was such a blast there that we figured it was high time we pay tribute to a band that has inspired and challanged us through the years.  Fleetwood Mac.  

    We are so pleased to be playing our first Dearling Tribute to Fleetwood Mac at The Soiled Dove Underground on November 22nd.  We hope this little taste will inspire to come, sing along, and help us honor some great music.  

    Interested in tickets?  Head to The Soiled Dove Underground to grab them while they are still available!  

    Thank you to our fans who made the Red Rocks show possible and to all those who continue to support us.  We love you and will see you soon!