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    It's for the kids, but it's really for us...

    So everything is political now.  Even Lady Gaga can't perform without being berated for her lack of or too political television performance.  And in the meantime, character, personal improvement, development of morals, ideals, the betterment of our fellow man?  Well, if it doesn't have a D or R next to it, forget about it?  We don't think that's anyway to be artistic nor is it any way to be honest as human beings.

    I heard a great quote today.  It's not about being true to yourself, but about being true to your VALUES.  We value the tough stuff that is overcome, the heart to heart with our easily distractible hearts.  We are convinced that grit, determination, honest values and love, above all else love, will make the world a better place.  And we want to pass that on to our kids.  But maybe we also need a little of it for us as well!  In that spirit, what a great blessing it is to be releasing Wild Blue.  We hope it inspires you and if it does, share it, discuss it, and spread it's message.