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  • Prince, Jake Owen and the Impact of a Song

    Dave and Noah got to play Purple Rain with Jake Owen.  They just happened to be backing him when the news of Prince's death sent shockwaves across the globe.  The moment, the song, and the genuine emotion behind it threw the video into viral territory, while tv shows and radio disc jockeys shared the video and moment, and took a breath to honor a legendary musician.

    It was Dave and Noah backing Jake.  I'm not surprised (Rachel writing this).  Dave has been present for some of the world's most healing tunes, including backing Justin Timberlake as he sang Hallelujah for the internationally telecasted Hope For Haiti fundraiser.  His ambient music has charted multiple times and has brought people to tears, to healing, to peace.  Noah has played with more acts than I can count and has the sort of presence that makes music fun and brings it to life with no stress, no fear, and no reserve.

    Thinking about these personalities and their impact in my musical life and the lives of others, I'm so proud and so glad to have these guys around.  They remind me what music is about.  I've talked about how it's hard for me to feel anything when I listen to the radio anymore.  But when I play with these guys and when I listen to them play, I feel eveything they are doing and everything they intend to do.  It's special.  It's music.  I wouldn't still be in this if these two weren't by my side.  

    I'm so grateful that after some time and space I can brag about this moment and these two band members, family members and friends.  This includes our drummer, Joel.  You three are incredible! Thank you for what you do for music and for those who get to hear you play.  I can't wait for our record and for our next moment of giving through musical performance.  Denver Day of Rock is tomorrow!  And once again, you are using your talents to make the world a better place.  

    Come watch these guys play with Dearling.  If not with Dearling, follow them and go see them play with somebody!  You won't regret it.  ~ Love, Rachel

    NEXT DEARLING SHOW - May 28th, Denver Day of Rock.  2:30pm, Skyline 2 stage.