• Brand New Song and Video, Better Half

    We go out into the world and play music, but behind the scenes are the people who keep us grounded, loved, and connected. In this tune, we celebrate our "better halves" and get to feature a few of them too! Thanks for all your support!

    Stream the song here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0YtC7uFEnACGifvjRhnoXw

    Purchase the song here: https://music.apple.com/mz/album/better-half-single/1489517551

  • The Better Half

    The Better Half

    Nothing like being in a business that's all about that "bass" when you're trying to raise a family and love on your spouse. The "cute" factor can only take you so far and at some point you realize that the touring, and running kids to school on your way to a tracking session, and writing in the wee hours of the morning, producing on the fly in 30 minute chunks, doing homework and school projects and playdates and ballet recitals, and, well... that's life. 

    We are a band of people who have other people; people who mean the world to us. Our spouses and kids make our lives beautiful, despite the crazy schedules and judgment from those who "know better" in the business, we feel blessed beyond belief. 

    You know when somebody is trying to flirt with you at a bar or at work and you just think, "they have no idea what they are doing." You think about your significant other or your kids and you know nothing else compares. This video and song is all about that. Whether in the music biz or not we can all relate to having someone in our lives that helps us shine a little brighter. That someon that is worth all the effort. That's what Better Half is dedicated to. 

    So we are gonna sing to each other in a field and show you some of Colorado, some of our family and some of our hearts. We can't wait to share it! See you on the other side!


    Photo by Tom Tallant

  • Yep, We Are Still At It...

    Yep, We Are Still At It...

    OK, we've been absent for a bit from social media and the web. Taking those breaks is one of the most important, soul-edifying, heart-lifting, mind-preserving things we do. We encourage everybody to do it, in fact. There are people around you, nature outside, and adventures to be had that engage your actual physical body and mind in ways a computer never can. So, ok, that's that.

    In the meantime, we are so looking forward to our upcoming shows in Colorado Springs, releasing a brand new song and music video and re-engaging with the folks who follow Dearling. Check out our tour info to find out where we will be playing. See you soon, maybe not online?


  • One Cover to Honor The Greats Who Passed in 2017

    So many amazing talents passed in 2017.  We were asked to create a cover of one of our favorites who left us physically.  We chose My December by Linkin Park as we have loved Chester Bennington's voice and talents, each of us in different ways.  We hope you enjoy this version.  We adored making it. 


  • The Time We Played Red Rocks and Fleetwood Mac

    What a joyo this summer to play Red Rocks for the first time.  We are still so grateful to FACE Vocal Band for the opportunity, and what a show it was!  The Chain was such a blast there that we figured it was high time we pay tribute to a band that has inspired and challanged us through the years.  Fleetwood Mac.  

    We are so pleased to be playing our first Dearling Tribute to Fleetwood Mac at The Soiled Dove Underground on November 22nd.  We hope this little taste will inspire to come, sing along, and help us honor some great music.  

    Interested in tickets?  Head to The Soiled Dove Underground to grab them while they are still available!  

    Thank you to our fans who made the Red Rocks show possible and to all those who continue to support us.  We love you and will see you soon!


  • The One Thing the Music Business Still Can't Touch

    People debate streaming and 99 cent downloads. They talk about how recorded music changed everything. The digital takeover made every wannabe musician a possible star.  Autotune can correct your flubs and an amazing producer can morph you into a flawless icon.  People mourn how musicians and writers don't make as much money as they used to and how the art of music has been degraded.  Industry writers and critics say "get on board, or get left behind."  And so the artist pushes for streams, and likes, and hashtags and followers and tiny little numbers ticking upward to tell all the bigwigs that what they do is worthwhile so that they can maybe have a shot.  "Find us on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, the next thing, the next space, the next addiction..."  

    But where's the real buzz?

    It's in the same place it's always been.

    It's in 100 or 1,000 people singing Amazing Grace in the same space and at the same time.

    It's at your favorite venue, with your favorite friends and your favorite artist.

    Recorded music can run itself into the ground and then fling itself a mile high again, but live music is still home. Maybe becuase it's in our roots. Maybe it's because music is especially magical spiritually and physiologically when someone is playing a real instrument right next to you. Maybe because it's more human. You can't go back and perfect the previous moment.  But you can use the moment to make something even greater.  The real thing.  

    We understand there is a difference between digital and real.  It's just like all of those studies showing that we don't know how to communicate in real life anymore after becoming so accustomed to editing and shaping our images online.  But when is sitting right across from you, you can't perfect your words or make your face look just right.  If we say the wrong thing, we can't delete it or change our inflection, or add a happy emoji face.  If there is a wad of spinach in our teeth, we don't even know it.  Whether we like it or not, we are still human and we live in a space where our energy affects the place around us.  And where we desperately need to know real, feel real, and see others as real.  It connects us.  Music can do this better than anything.  Live music can unify absolutely.  In a space of thousands of people, one song, sung by one person, can turn into the anthem of every soul who can hear it.  Just go to a U2 concert or a gospel music driven church service.  The real thing is unstoppable.  And no industry can change it.  

    It might be daddy playing a lullaby to his daughter on acoustic guitar by the fireplace before bedtime.  Or maybe it's At Last by Etta James played at a wedding. Everywhere music is still doing it's work and spreading it's magic, even when it seems like music only exists on the radio and in our spotify list.  

    In our hearts, we are grateful for every live show we get to play and every non-perfected experience we get to have with our friends and fans.  It's a gorgeous thing.  

    We'll see you at a show...

  • The Song That Got Us to Red Rocks

    This has been such an incredible week.  We've more than reached our funding goal AND got the news that our fans votes and shares of our video for Rock Steady helped us win the opportunity to play Red Rocks!  We don't really know how to say thank you for all of this.  A few smiles, moments of overwhelm, a few tears, because in just a few weeks we've seen the most incredible support from fans and friends, new and old.  We are grateful beyond belief and can't wait to take this song and our record to the rest of the country.  What a gift to be here with folks who really get what we are doing and who are wiling to support our music and songs.  Thank you.  

    Our video was feature on Indi.com but you can now view the final mix and video at the Youtube link above.  

    All our love,